About Us


  • Consulting and maintenance
  • Design and production
  • Sale, maintenance and spare parts
  • Installation and integration into the system

Activity, History and Tradition

For more than 30 years we have been dealing with mechanical and electrical engineering jobs, designing and producing.

We specialize in materials handling, internal transport systems and automation in the food, logistic and beverage industry, as well as in many other segments of production and distribution processes.

We carefully create and maintain our network of quality associates, both on the side of the investor and on the supplier's side.

We are a dedicated group of 20 engineers, managers and technicians, focused on creating and creating the most modern conveyors and transport systems.


The company Trasing was established in 1984. The main activity of the company was the overhaul of components for mobile machines and industrial plants. During the first years of operation, the production of components of hydraulics and transmissions began, primarily for construction and mining machinery: loaders, excavators, bulldozers, dumpers and other machines...


In 1995, the company entered the field of internal material transport and slowly won the production of certain types of conveyors. In the following years, Trasing specializes in solving the problem of material transportation and is being developed accordingly: the establishment of a project bureau, the construction of a section for the production of transport equipment and a section for assembly and testing of conveyors, establishing contact with the world's leading manufacturers of components...


Entering the new millennium Trasing is the first company in Southeast Europe to fully manufacture the production of sophisticated conveyors and complete automatic transport systems for high-capacity lines.

2017 - Today

Trasing is a market leader in an area of internal material handling. Over 35 years of tradition and experience, with the constant development of technical and technological capabilities, has contributed to providing customers with complete service today. Trasing is a market leader in both products and services, close and open cooperation with customers.