Belt Conveyors

Trasing conveyors are made by iso 9001:2015

Belt conveyors are suitable for the transport of unit or bulk cargo and can be horizontal, inclined or curved. They are adaptable to a wide range of applications, from lightweight specific pharmaceutical products, to boxes and packages in food and beverage industries, to the transport of bulk materials in heavy industry.


Control systems are easy to implement, including transfer devices or hammers, photocells and other components to achieve full or partial automation.


Belt conveyors types

  • S2100 - Horizontal
  • S2200 - Incline

General characteristics & options

  • Continuous flow of material.
  • Different combinations of transport routes are possible.
  • Construction: electro-coated carbon steel, stainless steel or aluminum profiles.
  • A wide range of rubber, PVC and PU tape, of different sizes.
  • A wide range of strip profiles: straight, rough, with bulkheads, with side and back guides.
  • Easy assembly of the conveyor on site.
  • Easy to set up control sensors.
  • Individual conveyors can be easily combined with other types of TRASING conveyors.
  • Conveyor drive station with motor gearbox.
  • Control of operation, with overload protection.
  • Regulating the speed of the transporter over the frequency regulator.
  • Suitable cable ducts.
  • Side guides.
  • All types of 2000 series are adjustable in height.
  • Reliable work and long service life.
  • Easy maintenance.
  • Modern design.


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Conveyor belt

The medium of movement of the transported object. The material of the belt might be different, from rubber to PU or PVC, with a wide range of belt profiles : flat, rough, with partitions, with side and back guides.

The customer can choose the color, depending on their needs and requirements, as well as other characteristics according to the needs of the process in which the conveyor is involved. Belt conveyors carry the initial designation S2000 in the Trasing product portfolio.



The heart of the transport system, the drive consists of an electric motor and a reducer and very often a frequency regulator.

The position of the drive on the conveyor can be different (left, right, below, in the middle, etc.) and characteristics such as motor power, gear ratio, etc. are determined by the application requirement.



Wide range of bearing supports built with plastic housing and high quality bearings. Our bearings are ideal for food and beverage industry and applications in wet environment.


Support, non-standard

The supports are conveyor legs, in this case non-standard - they are made at the request of the client and the process, they can be adjustable in height, in different planes (for up and down and horizontal movement), for different loads, etc.