Modular Conveyors

Trasing conveyors are made by ISO 9001:2015

Series 5000 transporter with modular tape, is suitable for all basic premises, horizontal and vertical transport, transport at an angle and transport in the curves. It can have the function of transport both packed and bulk cargo. The development of material technology has made it possible for an increasingly, very common or in a series of applications an indispensable role for modular bands in industrial processes.

Trasing Modular Transporter S5000 is a robust material with high quality of production, exceeding or at least fulfilling the demands of the most demanding markets and processes.

Modular Plastic Bands are made of plastic modules. The tape is connected by a blocking template, with a hinged bar full length, so they are very strong – practically unbreakable.

Modular tape and modular conveyors have become completely irreplaceable in most applications that can be met in processes in the automotive industry, food and packaging industry, logistics and materials management, in the manufacture and the tire and tire industry, the building materials industry.


Modular bands types

  • Flat top
  • Perforated flat top
  • Flush grid
  • Open grid
  • Raised rib
  • Friction top
  • Roller top
  • Nub top (anty-stick)
  • Cone top (extra grip)
  • Open hinge

General characteristics & options

  • Longevity. Most conveyers, delivered a long time ago, still work with the same tape.
  • Quiet work. These conveyors have a noise level of 1/20 in relation to standard article conveyors.
  • Safe operation. The modular strip is completely within the structure of the conveyor, so there is no waste of the product.
  • Clears. Conveyors have 40-75% of the open surface, so the impurities pass through them. They can be sprayed with hose or tracked – approved by the International Food Safety Authority.
  • Maintenance lacquers. The transporter can be opened in any part by a standard screwdriver. The sprockets can be replaced without removing the drive shaft.
  • Easy for chaining. TRASING uses a modular steel structure with screws, so that the sections can be added, removed or changed.
  • Quick solution. The long and long experience of our engineers guarantees maximum quality in the shortest possible time.
  • Solutions at customer’s request. Close work with the customer, understanding the needs and requirements of applications and finding the optimal solution.
  • Photo cells
  • Frequency control speed
  • Stop ramps
  • Transfer devices
  • The control system is easily implemented, including transfer devices or hammers, photo cells and other components to achieve full or partial automation.

(S5000) Trasing modular conveyorCopyright ©Trasing d.o.o. 2018

(S5000) Trasing modular conveyorCopyright ©Trasing d.o.o. 2018


Conveyor belt

The medium of movement of the transported object. The material of the belt might be different, from rubber to PU or PVC, with a wide range of belt profiles : flat, rough, with partitions, with side and back guides.

The customer can choose the color, depending on their needs and requirements, as well as other characteristics according to the needs of the process in which the conveyor is involved. Belt conveyors carry the initial designation S2000 in the Trasing product portfolio.



The heart of the transport system, the drive consists of an electric motor and a reducer and very often a frequency regulator.

The position of the drive on the conveyor can be different (left, right, below, in the middle, etc.) and characteristics such as motor power, gear ratio, etc. are determined by the application requirement.



Wide range of bearing supports built with plastic housing and high quality bearings. Our bearings are ideal for food and beverage industry and applications in wet environment.


Support, non-standard

The supports are conveyor legs, in this case non-standard - they are made at the request of the client and the process, they can be adjustable in height, in different planes (for up and down and horizontal movement), for different loads, etc.