Roller Conveyors

Trasing conveyors are made by ISO 9001:2015

Roller conveyors, or "rolgangs", are conveyors consisting of fixed-mounted rolls through which the transporting object moves. Movement can be initiated by the force of a gravitation or an electric drive.

Gravity Roller Conveyors are used for conveying light products, mostly over short distances. This type of Conveyor does not have Drive Unit and products can be conveyed manually or by setting the conveyor at a gradient causing the product to roll down due to gravity.

Powered Roller Conveyors consist of sprocket thick-walled rollers, chain to chain or tangential chain mechanism, a fully enclosed side frame and an external shaft mounted motor. The main features are robustness and durability combined with the flexibility. The powered roller system can be used in two scenarios: firstly, the standard conveying of products, and; secondly the accumulation of products via the zero line pressure system, for use when it is undesirable for loads to be accumulating against one another.

Roller Conveyors types

  • S3100 - Gravity rolgang
  • S3200 - Straight running roller
  • S3300 - Curve rolgang
  • S3400 - Reversible rolgang
  • S3500 - Accumulation rolgang

General characteristics & options

  • Individual modules can be easily combined
  • With or without accumulation
  • Easy installation of control sensors
  • Attachment cables for cables
  • Side guides
  • All types of the 3000 series are adjustable in height
  • Photo cells
  • Frequency control speed
  • Suspended ramps
  • Transfer devices
  • Transporter shield
  • Reliable work and long service life
  • Easy maintenance
  • Robust construction and modern design


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